LevelUp launches Android Wear app to enable wrist-based payments

Author: Billy Nixon
Category: Industry News
22 July, 2014
LevelUp has announced the launch of its LevelUp application for Android Wear.
LevelUp for Android Wear will allow customers using a smartwatch to simply scan their wrist to pay at any LevelUp merchant.

“Over 1.5 million LevelUp users can now pay with their smartphones at over 14,000 locations. But, what we really always dreamed of was being the largest smartwatch payment network,” said Seth Priebatsch, Chief Ninja of LevelUp. “Unfortunately, the technology was never there. Today we get one step closer to realizing that dream.”

After users download the newest LevelUp Android app, it will automatically push the LevelUp for Android Wear app to their smartwatch. Then, when they get near their favourite LevelUp merchant, tap on the smartwatch screen or say, “OK Google, start LevelUp” this will then display their LevelUp QR Code. Then, they just scan their wrist at the LevelUp scanner and seconds later will receive a push notification receipt, also displayed on their watch.

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